Webinar of national dissemination of the NERDVET project in Portugal

INOVINTER held in Portugal, on 12 April the national dissemination event of the NERDVET
project for decision-makers, promoters of vocational education and training, teachers and
This event was conducted online as a Webinar with the participation of about 205 people.
The INOVINTER team presented the project and its results. The Webinar also included the
participation of two guests: Dr. João Lourenço, as Coordinator of the CNQF of IEFP, presented
the qualification system of trainers and addressed the importance of continuous training of
trainers and their access to online teaching resources; Dr. Maria Emília Brederode Santos,
Researcher and President of the National Education Council (2017-2022), focused her
presentation on the importance of Critical Thinking and Media Literacy to strengthen
democracy, giving examples of real situations where these skills are of the utmost importance.