30 jan 2023

16 jan 2023

13 jan 2023

07 dez 2022

22 out 2022

24 jun 2022

10 jun 2022

Presentation of the NERDVET project in South Portugal

On the 8th of June, as part of a work session which involved 18 coworkers from different regions from north to south of Portugal, where Inovinter is located, we presented the European project NERDVET.

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24 abr 2022

24 mar 2022

The Pilot trainings on NERDVET Educational Toolkit started for Perrotis College

On the 18th of February, Perrotis College started the pilot implementation of the NERDVET educational toolkit!

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14 jan 2022

Third meeting of our Workshop for the facilitators of #critical thinking

NERDVET is back for a #2022 full of news! Yesterday we opened the year with the third meeting of our Workshop for the facilitators of #critical thinking.

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01 out 2021

The NERDVET approach published on the VET Gazette

The VET Gazette is a European publication collecting articles according to topic-oriented calls for selection from all over Europe and beyond. Tackling the VET sector’s latest challenges, the Gazette offers a unique stage for increasing visibility and fostering discussion amongst VET ecosystems open to transnational cooperation and mutual exchange.

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30 set 2021

NERDVET @JOB&ORIENTA, the Italian fair for VET

The NERDVET project joined the most important Italian fair “JOB&ORIENTA” on Education and Vocational Training, held in Verona, Italy, from 25 to 27 November.

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